El Marwa Group

Established in 1978, El Marwa Import & Export was developed by its owner and manger Mr. Mohamed fathi . At first we started importing domestic water pumps

In the Beginning of 1990 we started working in electrical control panels field and its components . Also  we worked in submersible winding wires (isolated by PVC) . Which are imported from Norddeutsche Seekablewerke Gmbh in Germany . Furthermore we cooperated with Siemens in Germany as an a exclusive agent in the distribution of electrical motors

El Marwa Import & Export is one of the first companies that imported electrical submersible pumps from turkey to the Egyptian market in 1999 .  In addition now we are the only agent for Vansan Turkish company  for importing electrical submersible pumps and motors which is the most used and recognized in the Egyptian market .

In 2003 we established a factory for manufacturing and assembling electrical motors which have various speeds and powers .

El Marwa Import & Export is an exclusive agent for Seval Kablo Turkish company for cables which is used in the electrical submersible motors, solar energy cables and other low and high voltage cables in 2009  . In relation too we imported submersible motor winding wires from the Indian companies Finolex and Lubi .

El Marwa imported & distributed gear boxes for various powers and speeds from SITI SpA Italian company in 2013 . As well we imported the components of electrical control panels from Daco & Hanyoung Nux in Korea .

El Marwa become an exclusive agent for Sumoto the Italian company for electrical submersible motors in 2013

In 2013 El Marwa supplied, assembled, operated certified fire fighting systems

We became an exclusive agent for importing CAG electrical motors with various speeds and powers besides inverters and soft starters in 2016

In 2010 we established a service center  for maintenance of all kinds of electrical motors, end-suction pumps and electrical submersible pumps and motors with the  availability of spare parts under the supervision of experienced and qualified, engineers and technicians .